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How To Solve The Marital Problems With Astrology?

Horoscope is a prediction of individual’s future based on the position of celestial bodies at the time of person’s birth. Checking Horoscope is completely optional and is purely based on person’s belief. Knowing about the future and its predictions may not be true in most of the cases. But with the guidance of the virtuous person, you may unlock some of the greatest mysteries of your future life.

Astrologically the seventh house indicates about husband or wife. Happy married life is indicated by position of the lord of seventh house in birth chart. Position of the ruler of the seventh house in the sixth house is sure indication of unhappy married life. Ruler of the sixth house in the seventh house also does not spell well for a happy married life. If ruler of the seventh house is strong malefic, if stationed in the 12th house surely disturbs married life. Position of the seventh house in either the second or third house also does not spell well for married life by some knowledgeable persons. If ruler of seventh house in the fourth house or ruler of the fourth house is in the seventh house this leads to extra Marital Relationship. Strong Mars in the tenth house in female’s chart affect adversely earnings of Male.


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